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  • What is your warranty?
    Warranty Disclaimer(s): Warranty transfer must be purchased within 30 days of transfer of ownership to vehicle. Customer must provide No Zone Diesel with a copy of proof of purchase of vehicle. Warranty may be transferrable to new owner contingent upon condition and inspection of transmission. If needed (even after purchase or warranty transfer), new owner agrees to pay for a new transmission, diagnostics, replacement parts and labor. ONLY covers what we do to the transmission; Unless ordered billed upon purchase. Does NOT cover hard case parts, shafts, bell housing, tail house, center section or electrical failures. Dodge 68RFE 3 year warranty to ORIGINAL owner. DIY Kits: NO Warranty Allison: 2001 – 2019 (700-900hp) Lifetime unlimited mileage warranty to ORIGINAL owner. Allison: 2001 – 2019 (1000hp) 3 Year Competition warranty to ORIGINAL owner. Allison 10L1000: 2020+ 2 year warranty to ORIGINAL owner. Allison Truck Years 2001-2019 Fluid Requirements: Upon Installation Only: You MUST use No Zone recommended fluid & fluid levels. Newly installed transmission stock pan will hold: 18 to 19 qts Dex III Upon 1st Service: You MUST change filters & fluid at or before 5,000 miles Serviced transmission stock pan will hold: 7 to 9 qts Dex III Email / Text copy of odometer reading of truck & sales receipt for filter & fluid
  • How do I order a transmission build or kit?
    For a transmission build or kit please fill out and submit this form or email us at and we will contact you with a quote.
  • Transmission & Torque Converter Core Returns
    Full Transmissions: Unless pallet and/or straps are damaged, customers are encouraged to return transmission cores using the original pallet / shipping container. Securely strapped, preferably using the straps we use to ship your newly built transmission. Once you have confirmed your core is ready to be returned, we will line up freight to pick up your core and a Bill Of Lading will be emailed to you. Torque Converters: There will be a $50 clean up fee on torque converters that are not properly drained. · Drain torque converter by placing it upside down to allow fluid to empty. A clean up fee will be charged on all torque converters not properly drained ! · Place drained torque converter hub side up, preferably in the box that it was shipped in, or other heavy duty shipping box. · Be sure to use sufficient packing material to protect the torque converter from damage during shipping. · Contact our office and we will be happy to assist you in generating a return UPS shipping label. Obtaining a shipping label from our office allows you, the customer, to save $$ on shipping. It also provides us with necessary tracking information to make sure your core has been received. Of course, we are happy to answer all inquiries about returns: Please contact us at 319.326.9663 or
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, we do. Contact us at and we will be happy to work out financing options with you through Affirm or SNAP.
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